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Privacy Screen Protector

Tired of people watching what you do on your phone? Not only is this screen protector strong, but it's private. Say goodbye to expensive, cracked screen repairs and annoying eavesdroppers! Traditional priced at $30 with local retailers, but we've cut the markup to save you money.

How it Works: Using the same high quality, tempered glass as the clear version, but added with a special tinting film. This film allows for you to clearly see your screen in direct view, but once it's tilted sideways or seen from the side it goes dark.

  • Privacy ON: Special tint film applied to prevent visibility from others. 

  • Scratch Proof: Reinforced nano coating to deflect scratches and reduce fingerprints!

  • Crack Resistant: Developed to a 9H hardness, it's 7x stronger than regular film.

  • Perfect Sensitivity: Just 0.33mm thick, feels like it's not even there.

  • 99.9% Transparent: No visible color, contrast, or brightness loss.

  • Easy Installation: Installed in under 60 seconds without bubbles!