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Kalimba Piano

Kalimba thumb piano 17 keys for music playing with hand-rest design 

The Kalimba Piano is one of the easiest instruments you may try for a beginner in classical music or in playing your favorite songs! A simple instrument made with solid koa wood available with 17 metal tines that you may use as an alternative to keyboard piano through thumb dancing. The arrangement of the notes causes a remarkable way to put your consciousness into your body as a form of music therapy to soothe your physical, emotional, and cognitive aspects. Playing the kalimba is just plain enjoyable plus, it is easy to carry around with its kawaii size and figure!


🎵Relieve stress and burnout. Anywhere and anytime

Empower yourself to engage in this goodtherapy musical instrument anytime and anywhere with this lightweight Kalimba Piano.

🎵Hand friendly

With exquisite craftsmanship composed of smooth curved support and comfortable hand protection. Made of high-grade wooden board with attached staggered metal tines perfected to its elegant design.

🎵Sweet Melody

Comes with a soft, clear and sweet tone that helps relieve stress and heal your blue mood. Ideal accompaniment foranyclassical songs,love songs andold songs.

🎵Beginner friendly

Easy to learn and use. You just need to hold the instrument by hand and pluck the tines with the thumbs. Perfect for beginners and children.

🎵Complete package. 

Comes with acarry bag (1) andpacking box (1) which can prevent thumb piano from being damaged. Composed of other accessories such astuning hammer (1), thumb protector (2), wipe cloth (1), stickers (2) and an English instruction manual (1).


● Size: 18.5cm
● Weight (kg): 0.3
● Type: Upright piano
● Shell Material: Walnut
● Number of Tones: 17th
● Keyboard Material: Metal
● Soundboard Materials: Solid wood




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